Visual Site Design

Professional Engineering Group specializes in merging conventional engineering plans with geo-referenced site photography. We utilize aerial photography and Pictometry plus other available GIS photos for high-resolution ortho and oblique images of your job-site. On top of that we overlay your planned development drawings. This method allows you and your clients to get a true understanding your project site with enhancements. Please visit some of our jobsite photo samples under completed projects and call us for further details.

Other Services Provided

Land Surveying, Site Design, Plan Reviews, Land Subdivision, Consulting/Civil Engineering, Drainage Analyzes, Highway ,Drainage and Utility Design, Land Surface Modeling, Construction Layout of Improvements, Consulting with and Presentations to Local Planning and Zoning Boards, Interfacing with Other Design Professionals (architect, landscape architect, geotechnical engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and others) who are part of the project team or group, Construction Management and Negotiations with Contractors and Municipalities, Technical Review of Projects Submitted to Municipalities, Potable Water and Wastewater System Designs. Professional Witness providing Testimony in Court cases regarding the above items.